PAF Artistic Director

Justyna Cwojdzińska

Justyna is a founder of the Polish Arts Festival (2007), Artistic Director, Actress. She holds M.A. in English language & literature and Diploma in Theatrical Animation. Native of Poland. Made Limerick her home for the past 13 years. Justyna works closely with the Polish Embassy in Dublin and is a very active advocate of social inclusion and promotion of indigenous arts. For the work on PAF in 2016 Justyna received An Outstanding Pole in Culture award from the Polish Government, Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation TERAZ POLSKA under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland. Former Chairperson of the Irish Polish Cultural & Business Association. Active member of Forum Polonia. Justyna’s energy brings people together and makes them believe “Yes, You CAN.“

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CEO Ireland Poland Chamber

Tim Madden

Tim has worked closely with the Polish Community in Limerick and Ireland since 2004. A keen soccer player and supporter Tim cofounded Polonia Luimni F.C. which continues to play and integrate Polish and Irish communities. Tim’s favourite time in Poland was supporting Ireland at Euros 2012. Former Chairman of the Irish Polish Cultural & Business Association, Director of the Ireland Poland Business Association and first CHIEF Executive of the Ireland Poland Chamber of Commerce Tim was awarded an Irish Person of the Year Award by the Polish Community in Ireland and 2011 and continues to support PAF in all their marketing and sponsorship initiatives. Tim is currently Manager of the UNESCO Global Geopark at the Burren & Cliffs of Moher with Clare County Council.

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Yola Wesołowska

Yola is a composer, director, singer, pianist, performer, author of the workshops. She holds M.A. in Music and Composition. She worked with the artistic milieu of Lodz, Poland and many cultural institutions of the city as a musical instructor, composer and arranger, leading vocal and instrumental groups. She successfully participated in competitions and festivals all over Poland receiving many prestigious awards. Yola collaborated with Theatre Kalambur in Wrocław, Theatre Rampa in Warsaw, Berlin Club So36, Theatre Studyjny in Łódź (she received a First Price for the music composition for “Nie-boska Komedia” directed by Zdzisław Jaskuła), Theatre Nowy of K. Dejmek.

Plays directed by Yola and music she created were presented in high profile theatres in Poland. She worked with many famous artists and actors in Poland, Berlin, France and Italy, including: Roman Kłosowki, Arkadiusz Jakubik (favorite actor of director Wojciech Smarzowski), Stan Michalak, Sharifa Malik, Guy St.Louis, Agnieszka Matysiak, Adam Cywka, Marta Klubowicz, Robert Gonera, director Zdzisław Jaskuła, Itziar Alvarez Arana(Spain) , Siggy Davis (USA), Darina Gapitch (Opera Nova solist ), Patrick Farrant(Germany), Nirankar Khalsa (USA), Tomasz Dajewski, Monika Rostecka, Krystyna Krotowska, Ewa Staroń, Anna Gunia, Joaquin la Habana (Cuba), Anna Zubrzycki, Anu Almagro, Marcin Rudy, Niamh Dowling.

Yola composed music to the film about Tadeusz Różewicz and Eugeniusz Geta Stankiewicz ,,Zabawy przyjemne i pożyteczne” directed by Lambrosa Ziotasa and produced by City of Wrocław and magazine Odra 2006.

Yola has been awarded numerous times for her work and in 2015 she has received a very prestigious award from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland for her lifetime achievements.

musician, composer, contrabass artist

Stan Michalak

Stan is deeply rooted in the tradition of European classical music, jazz and broadly understood creative musical improvisation. In the 1980s, he became a laureate of the Jazz Juniors festival and competition in Krakow. In 1987 was invited to the drummer team of Kazimierz Jonkisz. He worked with The Grand Theater in Łódź. In 1989 in Austria he met Hans Joachim Roedelius (ex-Cluster/Cluster & Eno) a pioneer and cult figure of the contemporary electronic music scene. They composed material sound, which appeared on Roedelius’s original albums “Apropos Cluster” (1990) with the participation of the second member of the Cluster-Moebius group. “Fruhling” (1992), “Sinfonia Contemporara No.1” (1994), and “Theater Works” (1994) with participation of Brian Eno and Michael Rother were named album of the month by the prestigious Wire magazine.
Stan worked in Berlin with the following international artists including: Bob Lenox, Kosta Lucacs, Tony Hurdle, Oliver Johnson, Hardi Zettler, Zam Johnson, Dicarlo Omm, Jocelyn B. Smith, Ernst Bier, Mack Goldsbury, Reggie Moore, Charles Owens, Frank Lacy, Veronika Vogel, Tal Balshaj, Yorgos Psirakis, Ashraf Sharif Khan, Ekkehard Woelk, Soon Kim, Akira Ando, Andreas Weiser, Donna Braun, Mike Russell, Billy Bang.
In 1993 he was invited to the European Concert Tour with a great, legendary singer Eartha Kitt. With Eartha, Daryl Waters (piano), Loomis Green – guitar (Jan Delay Group) and Howard Gordon (drums) they record for Deutschland Radio…


Paweł Jasiński

Pawel Jasinski, artist and designer, was born in Poland and currently works in Dublin. He graduated from National Secondary Art School in Nowy Wisnicz and has a Masters of Museum Exhibition and Art Sacral -P.A.T in Krakow. He exhibited his paintings in several European countries including Latvia, Ireland, Poland and England.
Pawel presented his work at the Hunt Museum during the Polish Art Festival September 2016.
His portrait of Paul Brady has been printed on the side of a building in Temple Bar, The Icon Factory, which is located in the historical centre of Dublin.
Pawel strives to portray a diverse world, bringing in themes of tolerance, loneliness, love and longing, often in a humorous and subtle way.
One of his favourite motifs is that of a woman, often of an unrealistically large size.
Painted in many different ways, she is a symbol of fertility and maternity.



Ewa Kotuła

Ewa is an independent artist and choreographer. BA graduate of Cultural Activities Organizer and Manager UMCS Poland, MA graduate of Social Practice and Creative Environment LSAD. Author of projects: Performing Emotional Labor, Inner Battle , Mapping Feelings and more. Co -choreographer of project Venus. Dance Teacher in Polish School. Laureate of Outstanding Polish Person in Culture awarded by Polish Government, Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation TERAZ POLSKA – Ireland 2018. Interested in psychology of dance, and its therapeutic benefits. Recently undertaking courses in dance therapy and trauma release trough movement.

Folkore & Ethnography Specialist

Anna Bernat – Mścisz

My name is Ania. For years, I have been trying to instill a love for traditional folk culture in our community. I want to learn about about; our roots, our beautiful patterns characterizing the regions, from which we come from – I would like that knowledge to be spread into the community. Many times, I direct my steps towards natural fabrics, which are decorated with traditional, regional embroidery. I am fascinated with the traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation – spinning on a spinning wheel, weaving on looms, sewing and decorating with embroidery according to the traditional designs.
Folklore is not just a pattern on a gift bought at the airport in a hurry, when we come back from visiting our homeland.
Folklore for me, is the love for the traditional designs, which were made by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. It is the delight of seeing the hand-made musical instruments, made by our grandfathers.
I am a designer by profession and so I try to combine traditions, by creating new projects, which are also done in contemporary arrangements. An example of such could be pillows with traditional patterns drawn from Łowicz cutouts or Kashubian designs.
A new experience for me, is to create modern costumes decorated with traditional embroidery. Such interesting arrangements, give a lot of joy.
All interested are welcome to my website, where I share all information about our traditional sources:
I try to propagate the knowledge about the ethnographic regions of Poland in our community. Everyone knows Krakowiacy, but not everyone knows that they are divided into Western and Eastern subgroups. We all know Kashubia, but usually we do not know where the region of Kociewie lies within it. We can point the region in which the Kujawiacy live, but do we know where the Lasowiacy lived? Most of us know where Krupie is, but do we know, that there are White and Green Krupie?


Aleksandra Styka

Ola is a graduate of the Private Ballet School M.M Shevchenko in Gliwice.
She is a very energetic and creative person. Finishing one project she immediate thinks about the next one. She loves dance, music, poetry, a good book and working with people.
Ola worked with children inspiring them to love dance in many local clubs, schools and creches. After graduating from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, she worked with youth teaching entrepreneurship and leading film, theater, poetry and dance classes. In 2012 Ola directed and produced the theater and dance performance “Sienkiewicz na Rockowo” in the Municipal Cultural Center in Gliwice,
In Ireland she worked as a Polish language teacher and dance instructor at Polish Saturday School of Janusz Korczak in Limerick. From 2014 she sings in Cantate Deo choir created at the Polish Parish in St. Michael Church in Limerick. She also collaborated with the Polish Theater in Limerick in the performances of “Little Red Riding Hood” (2015), “Monkey in the bath” (2016), “Passion in Limerick” (2017). In 2016, she took part in the Voice Encounters Project organized by the Polish Arts Festival in Limerick. Since 2018 with Ewa Kotuła she runs Venus Project – a dance performance group for women.

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