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CEO & Artistic Director

Justyna Cwojdzinska

Justyna is a founder of the Polish Arts Festival (2007). She is arts manager and facilitator as well as a theatre maker and performer. Native of Poland. Justyna made Limerick her home in 2005. She works closely with the Polish Embassy in Dublin and local authorities and PAF stakeholders. She is a very active advocate of multilingualism in arts, especially theatre and promotion of indigenous arts and languages. Justyna received an award for the work on PAF from the Polish Government, Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation TERAZ POLSKA under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland. Justyna received numerous artistic stipends and funding for her work, especially community projects that she runs as part of the PAF. She is a former Chairperson of the Irish Polish Cultural & Business Association, a Board Member of The Hunt Museum, and an ordinary member of Forum Polonia. Justyna’s positive energy & her passion for arts brings people together and makes them believe “Yes, You CAN“.
Co-Artistic Director

Alex Rosiak

Aleksandra Rosiak is an arts manager and curator with over 17 years of experience in arts organisations, festivals, community projects, and arts publishing. She has been working as a Venue Director and Programme Manager in Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge since 2009. Aleksandra is also an experienced arts educator and facilitator and a theatre director and producer.

As part of the Riverbank Arts Centre team, she has been involved in developing, coordinating and producing art projects in various areas since and delivering high quality and volume of programmes for young audiences alongside core programme for general audiences.

As a practising artist and facilitator, she has devised and produced her own projects and productions, including a series of performances based on poetry for An Táin Theatre in Dundalk where she led an ensemble of actors, musicians and visual artists.

PAF IT Executive

Marcin Biel

Marcin joined PAF Team in 2019 and has 20 years of experience in the field of IT, directing projects from inception to execution, strategically allocating resources to achieve on-time, on-budget delivery. He expertly manages technical support operations, diligently troubleshooting issues to identify root causes and prevent recurrence. He has got extensive experience and skills in creating websites, thanks to which the PAF website exists as it is now. Marcin is also process improvement champion, very experienced in multi-platform communication on the Internet supported by new technologies and procedures related with social media, which helped PAF in this year’s event and will be developed in the future. IT is simply his passion and we appreciate having Marcin on our team.
Videographer & Graphic Designer

Krzysztof Łuszczki

Krzysztof Luszczki is a highly skilled Graphic Designer with over 20 years of experience. He excels in photography, videography, drone piloting, web design, and content management systems, consistently delivering high-quality designs within tight deadlines.
Passionate, creative, and self-motivated, Krzysztof values positive critiques to enhance his work. He thrives both as an independent professional and as a team player, always interested in furthering his development.

Proficient in software such as Adobe Photoshop, Power Director, and Indesign, Krzysztof’s expertise extends to web design and various other programs. He is a certified drone operator.

Fluent in Polish and English, Krzysztof effectively communicates in both spoken and written form. His extensive portfolio showcases his diverse skills and talent across videos and designs.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Krzysztof indulges his passion for drones, digital photography, and graphic design. He remains up to date with new technologies, embracing nature-therapy and exploring supplements and herbs. In his leisure time, he enjoys travel, mountain biking, swimming, recreational rowing, and cherishes quality moments with his family.

Marketing Executive

Michał Sabura

Michal Sabura is a marketing executive with a deep passion for promoting Polish arts and culture. With 15 years of experience in Ireland as an interpreter, he has become a respected figure within the Polish community and the wider cultural landscape of Limerick. His expertise lies in utilising his marketing prowess to effectively showcase and celebrate the vibrant Polish arts scene. Having graduated from the University College Dublin (UCD) with a degree in Marketing, Michal’s educational background has equipped him with the necessary skills to excel in his chosen field. However, it was his early career in the hospitality industry that instilled in him a love for event management and the art of connecting people through shared experiences. With his extensive network and deep understanding of both Polish and Irish cultures, Michal possesses a unique ability to bridge the gap between the two communities. His collaborative approach has fostered a sense of unity and appreciation for diversity, while his strategic marketing campaign is aimed to attract a wider audience to the Polish Arts Festival, fostering cultural exchange and dialogue.

Joanna Dobosz – Chuda

Joanna Dobosz-Chuda is an International Tax Advisor, Accountant and Internal Auditor with 28 years’ of professional experience.
Postgraduate from Kozminski University in Warsaw – Accounting and Management of Public Finances (since 2012) and Master Degree in WSB Universities Poznan, in Faculty of International Finance (since 2004).

Since 2005 she has been living and working in Limerick, trading as a Joanna Accounting Services and Prestige Consulting Poland www.prestigeconsulting.eu (since 2015). A former member, accountant and volunteer in the European Centre of Help and Support (2007 to 2010) and Chairman of Creative Thinking Club (since 2013) www.klubtworczegomyslenia.eu

Since 2011 cooperates with Eli Language School in the Polish Business Forum in organizing workshops for the unemployed and business people. Also she is a member of the Revision Commission of Forum Polonia Ireland since 2014. Joanna is an advocate of promotion of the Polish Businesses in Ireland and Irish Businesses in Europe.

Board of Director Member

Tim Madden

Tim has worked closely with the Polish Community in Limerick and Ireland since 2004. A keen soccer player and supporter, Tim co-founded Polonia Luimni F.C. (the Polish Limerick Football Club) which continues to play and integrate Polish and Irish communities. Tim’s favourite time in Poland was supporting Ireland at EURO 2012. Former Chairman of the Irish Polish Cultural & Business Association, Director of the Ireland Poland Business Association and first Chief Executive of the Ireland Poland Chamber of Commerce, Tim was awarded an Irish Person of the Year Award by the Polish Community in Ireland in 2011. Tim continues to support PAF in all their marketing and sponsorship initiatives and he works to facilitate and lead on a number of Tourism and Community Development project roles across Ireland.

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