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Easter Tree of Hope

Easter Tree of Hope
  26th Mar 2021 -   5th Apr 2021
  12:00 am - 12:00 am

With Easter coming up, we are exploring Easter traditions and customs.
Join us in the celebration of Easter with the beautiful custom of your Slavic neighbors that is Easter Egg decoration.
On the 26th of March see the demonstration of how to make & decorate your own Easter Egg in a traditional way.
On 1st April we explore Easter traditions of countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ireland and we join in the spirit of the community by decorating a designated tree in Ennis ( Waterpark House) and in Limerick (People’s Park) called
We hope we inspire you to make and decorate your own Easter Egg at home and when passing by on a walk bring it with you to the park and hang it on the Easter Tree of Hope.
In this way, we can still be together and feel together regardless of the odds.
In the surreal times, we live in let’s join together by leaving an Easter Egg on the Easter Tree of Hope with Hope for all of us for a new, bright, community-filled future.
* Please adhere to the public guidelines regarding Covid-19 when decorating the Easter Tree of Hope.


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