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In Search of Identity Project


Start date: 20th June 2019

End date: 21st September 2019

Location: Belltable, 69 O'Connell St, V94 FK0H Limerick

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“In search of Identity” is a project based on voice, music and choreotheraphy exploring the idea of Identity. Through a series of workshops working with voice vibrations, dance therapy, physical theatre & music we enhance the connection between the ways the participants’ move, sounds they produce and the emotions they want to express. The showcase of our explorations in a group improvised show is on 21.09.2019 at Belltable at 8 pm. We ask each participant to bring to a workshop an object of personal importance they took with them when immigrating. We share a story of an object and enhance the flow of emotions associated with it through the voice exercises, movement, physical theatre and dance. This way we create a space where one’s voice can be heard & emotions explored, named and acknowledged. We provide a space where guided by an artist we enhance a process of self – development and understanding of one’s emotions and letting them go in a creative way through dance, voice and music we create as a group. We work with Polish traditional folk music and combine it with an Irish tune. Join us at Belltable!


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