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My Covid-19 Experience – Workshop for Teenagers with dr Anca Minescu

My Covid-19 Experience – Workshop for Teenagers with dr Anca Minescu
 28th Nov 2020
  12:00 am - 12:00 am

In these surreal, difficult times when the country is in lockdown again, when we are apart from each other, when social distancing makes it impossible to share experiences in person when masks make you feel as if you were just part of a mass and not an individual human being, we invite you to join us in a private space of a webinar for the workshop themed:
“Together as One – My Covid-19 Experience”
where you can meet other teenagers, like you, going through that hard times, where you can share and be heard with all that you have, where you can just talk how it makes you feel and what is difficult and positive about it, what you learn about yourself and how we can support each other in the surrealism we live in.
The workshop is facilitated by an amazing woman and scholar dr Anca Minescu, who is an Assistant Dean International, Faculty of Education and Health Sciences Lecturer in Social and Political Psychology, Department of Psychology University of Sanctuary Steering Group, University of Limerick Local Academic Coordinator Erasmus Mundus Global-MINDS Master in Psychology of Global Mobility, Inclusion and Diversity in Societies.
To enter the webinar room please send us an e-mail at polishartsfestival@gmail.com


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