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Podcasts on Stanisław Lem

Podcasts on Stanisław Lem
  17th Sep 2021 -   16th Oct 2021
  12:00 am - 12:00 am

[English Podcast]

Title: Lem’s Universe of hapless space –pilots and fairy-tale robots (in English)

Kamil Chechlacz talks to Jack Fennel about Stanisław Lem. To mark the centenary year of Stanisław Lem, this podcast will explore a universe of hapless space-pilots, mad scientists and fairy-tale robots, and show you why Lem should be your new favourite sci-fi writer!

Jack Fennell

Jack Fennell is a writer and editor from County Limerick. He is the editor of the anthologies A Brilliant Void: A Selection of Classic Irish Science Fiction (2018) and It Rose Up: A Selection of Lost Irish Fantasy Stories (2021), and the author of the academic studies Irish Science Fiction (2014) and Rough Beasts (2019). He teaches at the University of Limerick.

Kamil Chechlacz is a marketing and ticketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the Irish Arts & Entertainment Industry, event producer and promoter. Sometimes writer, philosopher, vocalist or even occasionally a poet. Social responsibility advocate. Prefers knowledge over small talk, likes talking to interesting people from a range of fields, pretends to know a little bit about everything until often proven wrong. Runs thinkpunk.org – a platform for thinking outside the tank.

[Polski Podcast]

TYTUŁ: Lem wizjoner, filozof i światowy inspirator. (in Polish)

Kamil Chechlacz rozmawia z Michałem Klebs o wpływie Lema na światowe sci-fi, w jaki sposób przemycał on “wiedzę zakazaną” z Europy by aktualizować i inspirować polską literaturę. Rozmowa na podstawie Summa Technologiae i Filozofii przypadku, zebranych esejów i adaptacji filmowych.

Michał Klebs

Michał has an unaccomplished PhD in anthropological history which he gave up for a financial career in Ireland 14 years ago. He’s a sci-fi and science enthusiast, resigned idealist, and skeptic in search of rational thinking and intelligent life on Earth.

He travelled across south-east Asia for almost a year. Michał is interested in graphic design and architecture which he likes to express in Virtual Reality. He likes to step out of his comfort zone and be challenged by existential riddles.


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